Educational Resources

Scholastic Study Guide

Learn everything your class needs to know before they go to the theater! Follow some of the suggested activities and fill out some of the activity sheets to get young minds primed for creativity! (Grades 1-5)

Comprehension and Reflection Packet

After your students see the show, continue the fun with these engaging activity sheets and questions that help gauge what students comprehended through observation and inferencing. (Grades 1-5) 

STEAM Packet

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math! Explore a show-related activity from each of these subject areas in this cross-curricular activity packet! Work feels like play with this project-based approach that your students are sure to woof! (Grades 1-5)

Make Your Own Comic Strip

Achieve text-to-self connection learning objectives through this fun activity. Everyone loves comics! Imagine you and a friend are creating a story in your treehouse. Include a setting, a main character, a conflict and a solution! (Grades 1-5)

Costume Design

Design your own Costume! Do you love dress-up? So do we! Learn about the elements of Costume Design and then use those to create a costume plot of your own. Imagine your character in various settings. (Grades 1-5)

1st VA:Re8.1.1 
2nd VA:Cr3.1.2 
3rd VA:Re7.2.3 

Craft a Hat

Make your own Dog Man Hat and get out there to save the world! Cut out the template, tape to a cap and get pretending! (Grades 1-5)

1st VA:Re8.1.1 
2nd VA:Cr3.1.2 
3rd VA:Re7.2.3 

Create your Fan Club ID

Create your own fan club ID (Grades 1-5)

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