Educator Resources

Digital Assets are available as a resource to you on our website and YouTube page.

Who Tells Your Story graphic and YouTube Link

WHO TELLS YOUR STORY? Celebrates changemakers from diverse communities whose stories may not be included in American history books.

The Digits Graphic and YouTube link

An original streaming series about a group of friends who put on a show using 3rd grade MATH concepts to solve ALL the “problems” they run into along the way. Ray, Trap, Bo and Quest are cool puppets who promote curiosity, perseverance and teamwork! Join The Digits for 5, 8-minute episodes as they navigate all 5 of the 3rd Grade National Common Core Math Standards in a fun and entertaining way, making THIS a go-to tool for end-of-year review, addressing learning loss or an overview of to what to expect in 3rd grade. The Digits includes Educational Materials Downloads so students can “Figure It Out” along-side the stars of the show and apply those math concepts in new ways. When you want to light up the fun for 3rd grade math, you can count on…. THE DIGITS!

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