Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide to School

Educational Resources

Study Guide

Learn what to expect when you go to explore first grade with Junie in “Junie B’s Essential Survival Guide To School!" Get a close look at the 5 Elements of Theater, The Actor's Tool Box, and learn about the team of people it takes to create the show you are about to see!

Art & Design

Join Junie and friends in their backpack parade. Take a creative look at something you use every day in school! How can you make it unique and stage ready?

Writing Practice

Be just like Junie as you work on perfecting your writing skills. You can use these activities as enhancements to your writing lessons or Give students a chance to work on a long-term project where they go through the steps of being a Socially and emotionally aware student who can brainstorm big ideas and express big feelings!

Read Aloud

Students can dive into social and emotional explorations as they become the characters they saw on stage! Integrating dramatic play for all ages and giving chance to strengthen reading skills and imagination simultaneously!

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