Little Red the Musical


Little Red feels she is grown up enough to be allowed to visit her Grandma, who lives in the forest. When reports come in that Grandma is sick, she convinces her parents -- a very busy Bubble Gum Factory executive and a Podiatrist -- that she can be trusted to go on her own. Off she goes -- encountering adventures (including meeting magical, talking flowers). Meanwhile, a Wolf comes to Grandma's house and eats her and then poses as Grandma, hoping to also eat Red. When Red arrives, she suspects that something is up and outwits the Wolf, saving her Grandma and herself.

Little Red TheaterWorks Anywhere Edition has book and lyrics by Mindi Dickstein and music by Daniel Messé.

The approximate running time is 40 minutes. 

Curriculum Connections

  • Communication and Language Arts
  • Classic Literature / Fairy Tales
  • Music
  • Relationships and Family
  • Adaptation


  • Teamwork
  • Friendship
  • Imagination
  • Family
  • Problem Solving

Participation Details 

  • 6 to 13 Roles
  • Ages 8 and Up
  • 16 Original Songs
  • Solo Songs for each character
  • Easy DIY Costumes and Props

Fun Fact

Little Red’s book and lyrics are by Mindi Dickstein who wrote the lyrics for Broadway’s Little Women and music is by Daniel Messé who wrote the music for Broadway’s Amélie.

What's Included? 

  • Script and Score in PDF format.
  • A robust TheaterWorks Anywhere Edition Director’s Guide. 
  • A TheaterWorks Anywhere Edition Student Guide.
  • Fully orchestrated performance tracks.
  • Music learning tracks.
  • Tips for holding virtual auditions 
  • Tips on using Zoom (or another videoconferencing platform) to hold productive rehearsals
  • Suggestions for designing and creating at-home costumes, scenery, and props
  • Tips and instructions on how to put on your final performance live
  • Tips and and an instructional video on how to pre-record your show and edit it together using Final Cut Pro (These instructions can also help with your video editing software of choice.)