Educational Resources

Study Guide

Learn everything your class needs to know before they go to the theater! Follow some of the suggested activities and fill out some of the activity sheets to get young minds primed for creativity! (PreK-3rd)

Comprehension and Reflection Packet

After your students see the show, continue the fun with these engaging activity sheets and questions that help gauge what students comprehended through observation and inferencing. (PreK-3rd)

Brave Acrostic Poem

Achieve text-to-self connection learning objectives through this fun activity. Everyone loves an acrostic! Even Pete! Pete encourages his new friend to be brave. Students can get creative with what or who represents bravery in their life with this acrostic template. (PreK-3rd)

Draw Pete Inspired by Famous Paintings

Pete’s favorite subject is Visual Arts! Discover some of the world’s most famous paintings and talk about what makes them special. Then use the ones pictured in this activity sheet to create your own famous painting of everyone’s favorite cat. (PreK-3rd)

Meets State Learning Standards:
Pre-K VA:Cr1.2.PK 
Kindergarten VA:Cr1.2.K 
1st VA:Re8.1.1 
2nd VA:Cr3.1.2 
3rd VA:Re7.2.3

Greeting Cards

If your class loves “bucket-filling,” Pete’s foldable greeting card activity is great way to put the idea of spreading positivity into practice. Strengthen fine motor and writing or pre-writing skills with this ready-made activity that students love! (PreK-3rd)

If I Were A Cat

Students gain inspiration from pictures of various cats and draw what their own cat character might look like. (PreK-3rd)

Meets State Learning Standards:
Pre-K VA:Cr1.2.PK
Kindergarten VA:Cr1.2.K
1st VA:Cr1.2.1
2nd VA:Cr3.1.2

Writing and Drawing with Pete

Use this colorful template to encourage students to draw and write about someone who is meaningful to them. (PreK-3rd)

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