Patrick Garner’s History’s Alive!


Bring great figures from American history, live and in person, to your school! Broadway veteran Patrick Garner captivates your students with a variety of fun, interactive programs.


back for the Fall of 2021, Patrick Garner's acclaimed interactive, historical programming is going VIRTUAL! Patrick will be offering customized and pre-recorded performances, as well as a variety of personalized add-ons such as Q&As and talk back sessions. Check out the teaser video below for more details. Then... give us a shout! 


ARTICLE: Detroit SCORE Praises History's Alive! new virtual program!



Thomas Edison: Inventor, Lecturer and Prankster
Thomas Alva Edison collaborates with your students as they help him recreate some of his most famous experiments.  Along the way, he shares several secrets that they can use in their day-to-day lives, including the importance of hard work, the value of mistakes, the ability to turn liabilities into assets, and the necessity of enjoying one’s work.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Celebration of Teamwork
A great American voyage of discovery comes to life in this thrilling interactive production. Students take on the roles of Lewis and Clark, their Native American guide Sacagawea, the Corps of Discovery and many others, as they explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the close calls, chance reunions, ferocious animals and scenic majesty of Lewis and Clark’s extended adventure — and learn about history, science, character development and teamwork.

Benjamin Franklin: America’s First Citizen
America's favorite founding father demonstrates how self discipline, public service and a genuine love of life led to international fame and the gratitude of a nation.

The Wright Brothers (and Sister!)
The Wright siblings' determination, confidence, calculated risks, self taught education and knack for solving problems enabled them to solve the mystery of flight.

American Tall Tales
Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Annie Christmas come to life and teach about the whoppers that helped develop the American spirit!

Archimedes and the Power of Math
The greatest mathematician of the ancient world explains how his inventions held off the encroaching Roman Empire for three years.

Houdini and the Magic of Thinking Big
The son of poor immigrants borrows a book and dedicates himself to becoming the greatest magician ever — eventually becoming recognized as the world's first international superstar.

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