Up in Arms


Up In Arms presents quality performances featuring puppetry in a fun, family musical style. While including current curriculum standards, the shows play well from an elementary school assembly program to a main-stage theater production. These crowd pleasing, laughter-filled shows are designed to help students comprehend essential curriculum fundamentals.

Check out the trailer for Helping Drew and see the puppetry skills of Up In Arms.

Helping Drew


Helping Drew
Principal Tector needs your help as a member of the Bully Patrol!  She fears that one of her students, Drew, is being bullied by another student in school.  Lee thinks bullying Drew is fun. Lee’s best friend Victoria doesn't think so, but what can she do to help Drew?

This interactive musical puppet show has an anti-bullying message perfect for elementary school students.  Audiences will learn to recognize bullying and look for solutions within themselves—and with the help of others.

Monster Intelligence

Monster Intelligence
Melvin the Monster is another year older but still not old enough for his license to scream! His birthday wish changes that, and the Division for Monster Screams grants his wish on the condition of his passing a test. Learning this new information can be difficult for Melvin, and he sets off on a quest of self discovery with his friend Red the Rat by his side.

Populated by a cast of friendly, colorful monster characters and original songs from rock-and-roll, to classical, jazz, pop and Broadway standards, this is a journey you will never forget.

Pirate Song

Pirate Song
Not content with singing the pirate song that’s been passed down for generations, Paulette the pirate princess, along with her dog Waffle, sets off on a journey for her own song as she discovers music and cultures from around the world: a giraffe in Africa, a koala in Australia, a majestic dragon in Japan, and a colorful toucan in Brazil! Paulette finds that her song might be about the journey of discovery that has guided her the whole time. With renewed spirit, she returns home with her own song, ready to become captain.

Our heroine’s journey models strength and purpose, inspiring audiences to find their unique voice. The storyline highlights different cultures which invites the audience to consider the importance of strength in diversity. Show runs approximately 57 minutes.

Tortoise and Hare's Race to Health

Tortoise and Hare’s Race to Health
On your mark, get set, read!

That’s what Benjamin Booksmart does to help his friend Terrence the Tortoise as he prepares for another race with Henry the Hare.  Inspired by Aesop’s famous fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” a cast of colorful, fun puppet friends find different solutions to prepare us all for a race everyone can win — ­becoming our healthiest self!  Through interactive songs and movement, Benjamin and his friends keep you happy, healthy and engaged!

This program incorporates important health fundamentals, including physical activity, mental positivity and the benefits of a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Welcome Park

Welcome Park
Welcome Park is opening a new visitor center, and Bunny and his friends want to get in on the act.  They approach Park Ranger Ned with the idea that they could teach visitors about the seasons. Ned is worried because each has a bad habit that could interfere with their work.  Bunny rushes through things; Dog gets herself so nervous that she can barely speak; and Bee tries to do too many things at once. What will Ned and the audience decide about their readiness to work in the new visitor center?

Waffle & Friends A Puppet Palooza

Waffle & Friends: A Puppet Palooza
Waffle & Friends is an entertaining, half-hour puppet variety show. With a fun, modern twist on a classic tale, catchy original music, and adorable puppets, your audience is sure to have a blast! Waffle, the lovable dog emcee, introduces his friends (in varying puppet styles) to perform entertaining skits that last under 5 minutes, keeping your audience engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. A fuzzy creature, some musical bugs, a witty owl who loves to tell jokes, and even an energetic chicken who loves to exercise, have all come along to sing and perform for your enjoyment. Whether you love to sing, move, or just play along, this fun and educational performance is sure to ignite your imagination. 

Waffle & Friends Holiday Hoopla
Waffle & Friends Holiday Hoopla is an engaging, half-hour, Christmas-themed puppet variety show including fun, original skits, original songs, a holiday sing-along and more; all featuring endearing puppet friends. Waffle, the adorable dog emcee, introduces his friends (in varying puppet styles) to perform for the audience. Each skit lasts under 5 minutes giving our audience plenty to keep them engaged while also providing a valuable opportunity for learning and development. Perfect for families, friends, and anyone looking to make cherished memories during the holiday season, this musical holiday puppet variety show is the ultimate festive treat. With a healthy sprinkle of holiday magic, our show promises to be an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages. Share the laughter, feel the warmth, and let the spirit of Christmas come alive in this joyous celebration!

Musical assembly programs under 45 minutes! Helping Drew, anti-bullying, 30 minutes. Musical Monsters, music appreciation and learning, 35 minutes. Tortoise & Hare's Race to Health, health & wellness, 40 minutes. Each program can be extended with a Q&A session with the puppeteers, a great insight to live performance art.

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