Yarina: Music and Dance of the Andes


Take a musical journey across the Andes Mountains and experience the rich cultural tapestry of South America with Yarina.

Performing on a wide variety of traditional instruments and dressed in native outfits, Yarina weaves together an imaginative tapestry of South American musical styles, and the group’s repertoire extends to jazz, blues, Latin and western classical masterpieces. Yarina sings in three languages, including Kichwa, Spanish and English.  The world class musicians and dancers in Yarina perform to standing room only crowds throughout Europe and the Americas and were named Ambassadors for Indigenous Ecuadorian Performers by the Department of Culture in Quito, Ecuador. Recently, Yarina won a Native American Music Award for Best World Music.

Yarina is dedicated not only to musical excellence but also to the preservation and sharing of the beauty, courage and survival of the ancestral traditions and culture of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador.  This hauntingly beautiful and immensely appealing program combines music, stories and dance that transport you to the Andes.

For more information, please visit yarinamusic.org.