A Tribe Called Tubman, written by Idris Goodwin & Commissioned by TheaterWorksUSA is a new solo play aimed at children and adults. In this 21st century spin on the radical life of an American revolutionary icon, Harriet Tubman prepares for the fight. It is the day of her third and final death and she seeks to answer the questions of a modern audience in the midst of change and social upheaval. Drawing from her own storied and extraordinary life, she poetically lays out a map for all of us to truly find freedom.

Curriculum Connections

  • Communication and Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • History Based
  • Diversity & Inclusion


  • Anti-Racism
  • Empowered Youth
  • Civil Discourse
  • Social Justice
  • Activism
  • Freedom

Fun Fact

Break Beat poet, director, educator, and organizer Idris Goodwin is the new Director of The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. The author of Free Plays: open source scripts for an antiracist tomorrow, Goodwin is committed to using the arts to spark meaningful conversation.

Original Credits

Written by Idris Goodwin