Educational Resources

Create A Puppet Play

Cut, Tape, and Play! This activity gives students the opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills, while engaging in an activity that prompts the achievement of learning objectives surrounding English Language Arts Learning Standards. (PreK-2nd)

Study Guide

Learn what to expect when you dive in to see The Pout-Pout Fish: The Musical! Get a crash course on the 5 Elements of Theater, The Actor's Tool Box and learn about the team of people it takes to create the show you are about to see! (PreK-2nd Grade)

Writing Practice with Pout-Pout

Writing Activity K-1

Writing Activity 1st-2nd

Using pictures and words, use this prompt and template as a fun way to practice reflection and writing. (PreK-2nd)

Read Aloud as Pout-Pout Activity

Read Aloud 1st Grade

Read Aloud 2nd Grade

Confidence bubbles to the surface as students practice reading as the character of Pout-Pout! Choose the grade specific activity sheet and level up by following the prompt on recognizing and labeling parts of a sentence!

Word Searches

Word Search Pre-K

Word Search Kindergarten

Word Search 1st-2nd

Add a splash of fun to your class with grade-specific word searches that exercise creative thinking. These colorful activities engage letter recognition, introduce vocabulary, and reinforce spelling. (PreK-2nd)

Pre-K Answer Key

Kindergarten Answer Key

1st-2nd Answer Key

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