Ada Twist Scientist & Friends

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Study Guide

Learn everything your class needs to know before they go to the theater! Follow some of the suggested activities and fill out some of the activity sheets to get young minds primed for creativity! (Grades K-5)

Ada’s Popcorn Brainstorm

Pop out this fun and colorful template for students to practice their brainstorming skills. Write a central invention idea on the popcorn box and words that may be they keys to executing that idea on the popcorn pieces. (Grades K-5)

Next Generation Science Standards:

Buildings, Bridges and Blimps

If you had to describe and draw yourself as a building, bridge or blimp, how would it look and what would you call your architectural self? Remember to include who or what are your support systems and structures! (Grades 3-5)

Next Generation Science Standards:

Test, Build, Go!
Graph Paper

Cut out 3 items you would like to use in a new invention from the resource page. Glue these to the graph paper and draw how you would connect them to create your invention. Label everything and share your creation! (Grades K-2)

Next Generation Science Standards:

Field Trip

Rosie and Friends are on a Field Trip in our play. Have you ever been to a park, on a hike, or even to another country? A field trip can even take place on a playground. Ask students to engage their 5 senses. Use the template to write a specific Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch, Sound to their field trip place. Bonus Activity! Read the specific sensory words and try to guess where each student has traveled. (Grades K-3)

Next Generation Science Standards:

Dream Big Dreams Letter

Write and Fold Activity: Encouragement and Appreciation are paramount in building up our next great inventors. Students can choose to use this writing activity to encourage a friend or thank someone who has filled up their blimp with encouragement. Don’t forget to share your latest and greatest idea on the graph paper portion! Incorporating the folding activity helps students engage the motor and visual areas of the brain. Let’s turn on the brain engine and deliver these letters! (Grades K-2)

Rosie’s Truly Funny Jokes

Amp up the fun and confidence in your classroom, by having students read and engage with Rosie’s joke set. Pair off your students and cut the answer page into slips, having each pair deliver the joke and punchline. Students engage in teamwork, practice reading, and have fun! (Grades K-2)

Rosie’s Read Along Script

Use this excerpt from our script to conduct a READER’S THEATER activity. Groups of 4 students practice reading the scene from script together. Practice describing the characters in our template and then try saying the lines like the character would. Finally, get up there in front of your class and present! (Grades 3-5)

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