TheaterWorksUSA Education

…musicals for young people. Annually, we provide thousands of theatrical experiences and arts education resources for students, teachers, principals, PTOs, and school districts across North America. In addition to our touring theater productions, we bring arts education classes to school districts across the country. We are a licensed vendor for New York City public schools and Los Angeles United School… [Read More]

Sailing to Freedom

…million museum will give voice to the people who arrived there, to their struggles and pain, and to their perseverance and contributions – all in the making of America.  Michael is a seasoned business and community leader, board member, keynote speaker, and author.  He has experience leading both iconic global brands and smaller, more entrepreneurial companies.  Michael is a thought… [Read More]

2020 Fall Benefit Press Release

…Thursday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m. EST. The event will honor twin brothers, creativity champions and award-winning author/illustrators Paul and Peter H. Reynolds of FableVision and International Dot Day for their outstanding contributions to the educational and cultural development of young people around the world. The evening will include appearances and presentations by extraordinary theatre artists, as well as noteworthy… [Read More]

Blocked Performance Class

…a little different than his peers and hasn’t found his people. He turns to livestreaming himself rapping on Agora as an attempt to put himself out there, but struggles to make real connections this way. Katrina Pearson, 17, Fairfield, Ohio • Katrina’s always been the type to “do it all” – both on and offline. She is growing increasingly anxious… [Read More]

NEA Grant Announcement

…by ​Kimberly Dean and James Dean​. TheaterWorksUSA programming is designed to not only address the disproportionate accessibility of art for young people across the country, but also to give rising generations a reason to look up and explore with optimism the full potential of their personal and communal identities. For more information on this National Endowment for the Arts grant… [Read More]

Pete Hollywood edu

Educational Resources\n\n Study Guide\n\n Learn what to expect when you boogie with Pete and Callie in Pete the Cat’s Big Hollywood Adventure! Get a crash course on the 5 Elements of Theater, The Actor’s Tool Box and learn about the team of people it takes to create the show you are about to see! (PreK-4nd Grade)\n\n Writing Practice\n\n Writing is… [Read More]