Tour beginning Fall 2020

From the writers of the hit sitcom Friends, this quirky and compelling pop musical twist on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic highlights the consequences of substance abuse. Henry Meckler is a nerdy outcast who’s frequently bullied. Turning to his at-home chemistry lab, Henry mixes a concoction that turns him into the hunky, confident Eddie. Although he only intends to use his potion sparingly, he quickly becomes reliant on his new and increasingly aggressive alter-ego and addiction takes hold. This show is a great catalyst for discussions about issues of selfesteem, social anxiety, peer pressure, and opioid addiction.

Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Ages: Grades 6 through 10

Curriculum Connections

  • Communication and Language Arts
  • Music
  • Addiction
  • Social Axiety and Peer Pressure


  • Social Skills
  • Addiction
  • Peer Pressure
  • Acceptance
  • Science
  • Friendship

Fun Fact

While TheaterWorksUSA has produced this production before, it we be completely reinvented for its Fall 2020 tour!

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